Men’s Outreach

When people think about the magnitude of prostitution in Thailand, they often focus on the working girls. What many people do not realize is the amount of men who are brought into the lifestyle of prostitution as well. On the street, they are casually called “ladyboys,” born as men, but raised as girls from birth. Like many Thai women, they are groomed to work in the bars, and they suffer from the lies they were told since birth. Many men who work in “gay bars” are not actually gay, but instead work at the bars to support their families.

Two times a week, Josh and a small team get to know the men who are suffering from this culture. They work to demonstrate biblical manhood to their friends. We partner with Shear Love International to provide options to our friends in the community who are looking for a change in work, who are searching for a dignifying source of income. Our ministry is the only long-term mission team dedicated to this population within the area.

Our Prayer is to reach as many men as possible who work in the bars of Pattaya. To learn about the passions and dreams of those we meet and to offer options that would lead them to those goals of providing for their families in a healthy and dignifying way.