Chinese Bible Distribution

In America, Bibles are everywhere. They sit on our shelves and are rarely read. There are thousands of people all over the world who don’t have access to Bibles because they can’t afford them. In China, the story is different. Even if Chinese citizens can afford Bibles, they aren’t able to be purchased. Bibles that are available are often split into different sections and passed around between family members or friends. 

There are 4,000-6,000 Chinese tourists to Pattaya every single day. This presents a unique ministry opportunity because China is a nation that is closed to Christianity. Bibles can be produced in China, but not sold. Two times a week our team hands out Bibles to Chinese tourists as their groups pass through. All the Bibles are donated through Biblica, and our goal is to pass out as many as possible.  Bibles cannot be distributed by missionaries in China, but we are meeting them on the shores of Thailand.

Our prayer, is that the Holy Spirit is with the Chinese as they come into Thailand. If they receive a Bible, we pray the spirit guides them through reading it. If they do not, we pray for their hearts and divine revelation. We are also praying for teams and man-power to assist us in distributing them.