When talking about the 10/40 window, it’s helpful to understand the difference between “unevangelized” and the “unreached.”

A majority of the countries within the 10/40 window are unevangelized, have a limited understanding of the gospel, and have very few opportunities to respond to what they do know. On top of those with little exposure to the good news, this section of the world includes nearly 6,000 unreached people groups—totaling more than 3.05 billion people.

The United States is full of “unevangelized” individuals. These are people who may not have encountered the gospel message, but they do have access to it. They might drive by churches or have access to Christian websites. What they often need are local Christians (or missionaries) who can expose them to the message and give them an opportunity to respond.

Unreached” people, on the other hand, haven’t heard the gospel because their access to the gospel is extremely limited. This means that for them to hear the gospel, someone needs to cross these cultural and linguistic barriers intentionally.

The 10/40 window represents the world’s largest concentration of both groups. This information has been made available by the Jesus film project.

Thailand is in the 10|40 Window and 95% of its population is Buddhist. Parts of the 10|40 Window suffer from extreme poverty. A number of governments actively persecute Christians or Christian-like activity. Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Atheism hold strong influences over daily life, faith, and culture. As believers, we are motived by Christ’s love to go out and make disciples of all nations and offer the hope of the Gospel. God is reclaiming his children in Thailand, and we are blessed to be used in the spreading of Kingdom here. 

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