Moving forward to 2019 and Leaving behind 2018

2018 just flew by without any warning and just like that – it’s 2019.
This year came and went just like every year does. That doesn’t mean this year was like all the rest though. We wanted to give you a short recap (as short as we could make it)( you also got all the good highlights) of this past year. Please know this is not everything we have done this past year but just a small glimpse into life here in Thailand. We have learned so much over the past year and while we wouldn’t change a thing about this past year, we would have done a few things differently. We for sure needed more family time and time outside of Pattaya. This next year we are planned much differently. We are still looking for additional help here in Thailand as well as behind the scenes. Anyways, get ready and check out all these great pictures that highlight our year.  

Joshua attended Revelation Wellness in April. He learned how to teach faith-based fitness. This also helps the students release anger & trauma, etc.

Joshua working with some men at Shear Love. Joshua even does one- on- one classes when needed.

A full class at Shear Love – men and women attended this class.
We bought The Lighthouse Cafe (for ministry). This was not something that was planned, but it most certainly was something we prayed about and sought wise counsel on. Currently, we have 2 staff members and host a feeding program, cooking classes, and do community outreach surrounding the Cafe. Within the next month or so we will launch out a vocational training program to help men and women rise to new heights.
During a visit from a team – we talked about our need for a new stove. After they left – we got a new stove! We were so blessed. It is HUGE and we can cook so many meals. 
Took over Bible distribution for the Chinese. 
On Monday mornings Joshua leads church at Shear Love for the students.
This year we were so blessed by a visiting team who saw our vision for Compassion Carts. We have been able to go into this community and teach Bible, English, (with crafts) and of course, play lots of games. For Christmas, we made some goodie bags to pass out to the children. The best part was watching the kids get so EXCITED over a PENCIL SHARPENER!!!
In October we hosted 4 cookie classes with the kids at GRACE. That is about 40 kids making cookies. It was such a great joy to have them at the Lighthouse. 
Our BEST friends came to serve alongside us and visit.

We were as Savanna called it, “Christmas Ready” in the Cafe. We got to share with our staff what Christmas is really about. We went around the community and passed out Christmas cookies. Our neighbors had never been given a Christmas gift before. 

Joshua and this cutie share the same birthday. Joshua turned…I’ll let him tell you and Baby Golf turned 1 year old. Most kids never have a birthday party in the Thai culture. However, this baby has become a part of the Cafe family (he lived across the street) and Savanna had to do something. Every time he sees Savanna he laughs and tries to come to her. Savanna made him a cake (and Joshua’s cake) and we had a birthday party for him. Savanna used her babysitting money to pay for it all. I am so proud of the young lady she is. We are sponsoring his family with Compassion Carts feeding program as well. The picture above on the right side is Golf’s mom. Please be praying for her.

Are there any words for this simple smile? This is a closer picture of Milk (our sponsored child). If you are ever looking to sponsor a child please talk to us about GRACE. I promise you it is well worth it. Those are her perfect cookies she made during the cookie program in October. I can’t tell you how it melts my heart that every time I see her, she gives me a hug!
The highest point in Thailand. We were able to drive to it while in Chaing Mai. Such a beautiful place and so peaceful. It was a MUCH needed time of rest.

From our family to yours – THANK YOU  for your financial support as well as your prayers. This has been a huge year for growing, change, and adjustment.

We love you all and look forward to seeing you when we are home for furlough.

Love you all, The DuBois Family & In His Heart Ministries.  

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