Newest Outreach!

God’s faithful fingerprints in the midst of our new outreach!

We are so excited to finally announce that we have found a community to start impacting! A community that we believe God is calling us to invest our time, resources, and heart into! We did our first outreach in the community on Saturday and we were completely blown away by how precious the time was spent among the beautiful Thai people. We are starting with 50 meals and hand them out first come, first serve type deal. As of now, this is all we can do but we plan to increase the number of meals we can give over time. The people were so accepting of us, welcoming us with the most beautiful smiles and receiving our blessings with grateful hearts. The children who flooded around us were joyful, easy to love, willing to dance, laugh, and play with us and it made our time feel extra special. We are currently partnering with a local Thai pastor who had been praying for somebody to come alongside him and help impact this community. God is the faithful, down-to-the-detail God that He is crossed our paths with this pastor and we believe this is 100% what we are supposed to be doing. It all flows so nicely and we are grateful to begin such beautiful work to not only feed this community but eventually bring the Compassion Cart (an email about this coming soon 😉 ), teaching English and Bible studies while fully emerging ourselves into the time we have with these people. It feels like it has been a long time coming but we see now that Gods timing is so perfect. Our Thai staff at the cafe thoroughly enjoys being a part of this and is blessed as they get to bless their own people.
We are so humbled that the Lord has asked us to be a part of such a beautiful, life-giving work that reveals His heart for His people. 

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