What’s been going on with us?

Our hearts overflow with excitement as we get to hand over life’s greatest gift to the Chinese.

7, 667 Bibles have been placed in the hands of the Chinese over the past few months and it has been glorious. This has been such a blessing to us as we continue watching new groups of Chinese take the Bible, in hopes that they will believe in the good news of the Gospel and begin their very own relationship with Jesus.
Over these past few months, we have been so blessed by our truck (eek! God is so faithful), the different teams that pour their hearts into Thailand while also blessing us individually, and Gods faithfulness never changing as He unfolds His plan for us being in Thailand.

Our joy radiates as we stand out on the pier and interact with the Chinese.

It is such an honor to stand out on the pier and interact with the Chinese people. We know that it is no small thing to have this role in Gods story. Getting the Bibles into the hands of a people group that cannot purchase them in their own country is exhilarating, humbling, and such an honor to be able to hand them such a powerful gift.
Seeing the lengths that God goes to in order to reach the hearts of His children is so evident in the way He pursues the Chinese as they come to Thailand. He is creative in the ways He pursues us and He will not stop because of specific laws, certain barriers, or whatever is hindering an individual from hearing the good news of the Gospel.
Being out on that pier and encountering the different people groups brings such an abundant amount of joy to our hearts as we watch some run up to us and celebrate the Bible while others are hesitant but willing to see what’s written on the pages. We believe that God knows which hands are supposed to take a Bible each night we go out on the pier and we believe that He has a way of reaching their hearts individually. Gods sovereignty, relentless pursuit, unwavering love is evident to us each night we do Chinese Bible outreach. Counting the numbers isn’t what this is about but it is so fun to know the specific amount of souls that received the Bible — the very thing that could save them and secure their eternity. Teams that come from different parts of the world always think they know how Bible outreach is going to go but almost every single time, they are shocked by how much they truly love this ministry and the impact it has on them personally. It is truly such an honor that we have been entrusted by God and have the privilege of leading other teams as they come across the world to love others and tell of Gods goodness

The Beauty Of Conversation.

The Chinese people are so bold in celebrating their love for Jesus or asking specific questions they may have. They don’t hold back and it is pure joy to answer them or celebrate with them! 🙂 

 “but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect.” 1 Peter 3:15


Having the truck has been a constant blessing to us. It provides us the ability to take on more teams, take out more Bibles, pack in tons of groceries for the cafe and do things that we couldn’t do with the car. We still can’t believe we are official truck owners because the Lord was faithful in providing along with our awesome supporters who believe in what we’ve been called to!! 🙂

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