Comfort Zone


Have you ever wondered what if? What if I would have___________, you fill in the blank. I know I use to live in what if all the time, until I started listening to God. Well, to be honest I still ask this question, WHAT IF? What if Joshua and I had only listened to the Lord sooner? What if we would have done x, y, and z a little bit differently? What kind of change would that have brought into our life? Here is my answer.


Okay, now that I cleared the air a bit, let’s start over.

Our family is serving in Thailand in one of the hardest (spiritually, physically, and emotionally) places I have ever lived or thought of visiting. There are days when we want to give up and move back home. Days where I just want a taco from Taco Bell – is that too much to ask for? I think not.


God is showing up daily. He is showing up in some of the craziest ways. This is a place where you cannot put God in a box. God is showing me (Tina) many things about His plans for Thailand, not my own. I am learning what it means to truly surrender it all to Him, the author and maker of ALL creation. God is giving me His eyes to see His people. That includes not only those being trafficked but those who are traffickers themselves. They are ALL God’s people. Remember, John 3:16, “For God so loved the WORLD, that He gave His Only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” (Emphasis added by Tina) This kind of love can break any and all chains of bondage. This kind of love leads people to repent. This kind of love sets people FREE.

You might be asking how does this relate to getting out of your comfort zone? Knowing this kind of LOVE gets you out of your comfort zone and moving into the calling that GOD, Himself has placed on your life. This love has the power to change the world – so my question is why are you still the same? Did that shock you? Because it did me as well. Why are we the same? Why are we not setting the example for those to follow? Why are people not following us around asking for what we have? WHY?? Simple answer, we don’t even know what we have.


Yes- you may see my coffee shop pictures on our personal Facebook page, but what you don’t see is the eyes of the women we sit and talk with in the bars or the eyes of the children we have in our safe homes. These eyes and faces are wounded and desperate for the freedom that you and I walk in daily. They are crying out for LOVE – the same love that John 3:16 speaks about. We have this love – can we give it away? Like all of it! Stop holding it in for yourself and release it. Struggling with knowing God’s love? Find someone in your local area to sit with you and share this love with you. Can’t find someone? Call me, text me, e-mail me and we will talk about the greatest love you’ve even known.

The picture above is just one example of leaving my comfort zone behind in America to serve this wonderful people group. We left behind every bit of comfort to serve and follow Him who sent us. What are you willing to do?

Much Love,

Tina DuBois

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