We Made It



Made it to Thailand. Waiting on Bags.

First of all, we want to thank each and every one of you all who were praying for us during our travels.

Our travels were not easy, but we made it. We made it to Raleigh airport and rushed to get checked in, just to be told that our flight was delayed which meant we would miss our connecting flight from Atlanta to Chicago. After many phone calls with Delta we were told there was nothing they could do, but to send us to Milwaukee (60ish miles from Chicago). We kept praying that would not be necessary. We finally departed Raleigh and landed in Atlanta with 15 minutes to spare but could not get off the plane in time to make our connecting flight. From Milwaukee, we could rent a car and drive to Chicago to make our connecting flight in the morning for Thailand. So that is what we did. Once in Milwaukee, only 2 out of our 5 bags arrived with us (the other bags did catch up with us and made it to Thailand with us). Once we checked into Chicago the following morning all flights went well until we reached Thailand. Thailand is known to rain a lot, but it does not normally have thunder and lighting. Well, it did the night we came in. So much the airport lost power (came back on before we landed) Praise the Lord we made it through immigration. One of the missionaries who picked us up said he has been in Thailand for 12 years and it was the worst storm he has seen. What affected us the most was getting our bags (it took 2 hours due to the power outage). It was nice to be able to come straight to our home and not a hotel.

18765129_10208925628038061_856948302_o     18767071_10208925628398070_299822641_o

85/4 Moo 5

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The morning after we arrived we went to meet some of the staff and the Justice School students. We were also able to meet some of the Thai police that Joshua will be working with. Joshua was also able to meet the FBI director that works in Bangkok.


This is a patch from the FBI director.

We have also been out to the store to do some shopping for the house and get food. This is not an easy task. I’ll show some pictures so you understand my (Tina’s struggle).

18767137_10208925631998160_1662435288_o (2)18767216_10208925635198240_1024437009_o (2)








Yep! That is raw meat that you get to pick out. Some people use their hands, some use the bag, and me (Tina) used my husband (he used tongs). Chicken and pork seem to be the only meat we could find, besides seafood. On the positive side, isn’t this bear bread the cutest bread ever! 18767342_10212857504063565_2060208502_o (2)

On another note. We went out to do some ministry this week as well. We were able to go to the slums and play with some precious children. Sorry pictures can not include these precious gems (at least their faces) but we did get some awesome pictures of the area.


This chicken is by far the smallest one I have ever seen.




18745320_10212857501183493_2023075227_o (2)

Watching Joshua play with this young man-PRICELESS

There are many moments I wish I could share with you. But if I did, I would write a book. I leave you with a few final thoughts.

  1. It is HOTTER than HOT!! (I’ve never sweated so much in my life)
  2. Never say NO to God. (HIS plan is always the best)
  3. Live for an audience of the ONE! (He is ALWAYS watching)

We love you all. Until next time.

Follow HIM!

-Joshua and Tina DuBois




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